Having a picnic is one of my favourite ways to enjoy summer.

Here are a few tips :

Inspire yourself with the beautiful season to elaborate your menu

Eat local and in season. Take advantage of eating local and in season!

Include healthy protein sources

We often make the mistake of not including enough protein in our menu. It doesn’t have to be meat. Beans, nuts, seeds, eggs and cheese are great alternatives!

Here are a few recipes :

Farro salad

Date balls

Spinach, feta and pine nut dip

Food safety is a priority

Here is a a good article on the subject :


Keep it simple

Finger food makes it so easy and think of what compliments one and other. So it’s only a one or 2 course meal.

Other than food, what else to bring?

Here is a list 🙂

-wet wipes
-bottle opener
-Scott towels
-cooler and ice
-service utensils
-bread knife/cheese knives
-cutting board
-garbage bag
-recycling bag
-blanket and/or chairs