Marie-Maxime Bergeron R.D.

OPDQ Member

About me

My interest in nutrition started when I was a teenager. At this age, I already had the habit of having healthy lunches and I enjoyed eating tofu. In my early twenties, my interest for healthy eating and fitness was growing. After reading a few nutrition books, I registered myself in 2000 for the nutrition program of the University of Montreal.

My years of studies confirmed what fed my passion: my thirst for learning and the desire to help others. The nutrition field is in constant evolution so it’s imperative to be up to date. And offering counseling is a true pleasure because the goal is to help people feel well and have a more positive perspective on their eating habits. What I suggest to my clients is not all theory but mostly on what is realizable on a daily basis which is the reflection of my lifestyle. This is very enriching for me.

I am married to Vittorio, I am mother to Mila and I have a little dog named Charlie. It has been more than 14 years that I offer nutrition counseling.