Why organic? It’s wise to reduce our exposure to pesticides and encourage ecological practices. However, it doesn’t take long to realize that our grocery bill can increase substantially. Fortunately, there are many ways to save on organic foods. Here are my suggestions.

Grow your own food

On top of being a physical and relaxing hobby, gardening is a opportunity to create a new and healthy relationship with food. Other benefits are the convenience to have produce very close to your home and consuming them freshly picked. Whether the garden is on your balcony or your backyard, a garden thrives with 6 hours of sun per day.

Organic baskets

Enrolling in an organic basket program is a good first step towards learning what seasonal produce is in season. Many drop off points are offered and getting to know your local farmer is another perk.

Buy what’s in season

Buying what’s in season is advantageous. Not only produce is cheaper, it’s origin is usually local. We can take advantage of nature’s bounty and buy in big quantities, freezing and canning the extras.

Prioritize your buys

Prioritizing your buys is an excellent way to save. By following the lists called the « Dirty Dozen » and the « Clean Fifteen », you will know what to buy organic and what you shouldn’t. A phone application is also available for download www.ewg.org.

Buy in large quantities

Many farms offer the possibility to buy directly from them. In the case of meat, it’s possible to buy a whole animal. We can then share the different cuts between family members and friends. Buying foods in bulk is also another possibility as well as having a membership in a buying group like www.nousrire.com.

Eat less meat

If we reduce our meat consumption, the savings are quite substantial. It’s another reason to eat meat moderately since it’s imperative in the maintenance of good health. Pulses, nuts and seeds, eggs, soy and cheese are good nutritive and less expensive alternatives.

Cook more and plan meals

Eating home cooked meals is an integral part of eating healthy. You need to learn how to cook? Lots of courses are given at Provigo Le Marché for all ages and tastes www.pccookinschool.ca.

When we plan our menus, we have the possibility to optimize our buys in order have the least waste possible. Also, it helps us minimize eating out and the consumption of prepared foods, which are always so costly. Here are 2 good ressources for you to consult www.cookspiration.com and www.soscuisine.com. You will find inspiration for your menus and also planning tools.

Be on the lookout for specials

Consulting flyers or newsletters are always a good way to be in the know of current specials and promotions. Also, choosing house brands over the regular ones usually allows some savings.

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